10 Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in Romania [2020 Guide]

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I agree that a big part of culture shock is not knowing what is suitable or inappropriate, and concern that you will commit an error. Many individuals talk about tradition shock as something you expertise when visiting a 3rd-world nation or a tradition that is vastly totally different from your own, but you’ll be able to expertise it even with cultures not so very different than your personal. I expertise a little bit of “tradition shock” when visiting the New England states as compared to my residence-state of Virginia.

Minority languages spoken in Romania are Hungarian, German, Turkish, Tatar and Romany (the language of the Roma, or Gypsies), albeit most of those words have fallen out of use for a long time. Russian and Ukrainian can be heard in the Danube Delta as nicely. French was once the second properly-recognized language in Romania, since it was obligatory in each faculty; nonetheless, it has been largely changed by English. A nicely-educated Romanian who graduated from a mean college can usually speak English pretty properly, and have fundamental information of another European language, such as French, German, Italian, Spanish (about 8%) or Russian. If you allow the widespread touristic routes, Romanian is the only way to ask for data.

For instance, they repaved a sidewalk a few years in the past, and now it’s already falling apart, literately. One cannot help think that someone’s cousin at city hall got the contract and did a shoddy job.

romanian women

Aromanian is a minority language spoken in Macedonia, Greece and parts of Romania. In distinction to Romanian’s heavy Slavic, German and Hungarian influences, Aromanian takes many words from Greek. Some 10% of the Romanian vocabulary is of Slavonic origin and fewer than 5% is from Turkish, Hungarian or German.

In common, Romanian woman would like their companions to organize varied actions for the couple. Make positive you involve your Romanian girlfriend into the decision process (you do not need her to really feel like eye sweet trapped to your arm at events she’s going to hate, no? ), however make the first step as usually as you possibly can.

Examples of Romanian Text

, particularly if she realizes you made an effort to be taught the data. Narcisa is once more a flower name – it means daffodil, and Lili is a Romanian title deriving from the flower lilac. The other title day celebration not many individuals will inform you about is Christmas. On Christmas, Romanian women named Cristina, Cris, Chris, and men named Cristi and Cristian additionally romanian girls have fun their title days. (along with the seasonal Merry Christmas – Craciun fericit in Romanian), for girls you must also make sure you convey flowers for the identify day, and a small (or huge, your selection really) gift for Christmas.

But the Japanese wife sure has made life fairly pain-free right here. Oh, “economical” and “financial” sound comparable but they have very different meanings. Giurescu, Constantin, The Making of the Romanian People and Language, Bucharest, 1972.


It is advisable to all the time have a small sum of money in cash (about 50 RON or much more), even in large cities. Although some may communicate Russian due to Romania’s past as part of the Eastern Bloc, you should not rely on it. About 7% of Romanians perceive Russian but solely about four% are fluent in it. Aromanian is the closest residing relative (and solely different member of the Italo-Eastern subdivision of Italic languages) to Romanian.

So, what do you assume? Is Romanian meals one thing you’d strive?

Also be aware you must get a police report if the vehicle is broken in any respect, and don’t be a ‘good samaritan’ and pull over to ‘assist’ somebody on the roads. Roads in Romanian cities and minor roads may be extremely slender, so consider renting a smaller automobile until you’re extremely good at judging car width. The scenario with motorways is changing into higher and higher.

Having an umbrella will keep you dry and maintain the rain from dampening any of your plans. The culture of Romania is obvious through areas just like the Stavropoleos Monastery and the Romanian Athenaeum.

City roads tend to be heavily overcrowded, notably in Bucharest. So plan for longer driving occasions than in different areas of Europe. Getting round Romania is comparatively exhausting and inefficient for the good distances that need to be coated on this nation (this is after all, the second-largest nation in Central Europe, after Poland). The transport infrastructure has been enhancing quite considerably just lately, even though roads remain a weak level.

It prices about €forty-Cent (1.4 – 2 leu/RON) per km or barely extra, with the same value for starting. The very low costs make taxis a popular way to journey with both locals and vacationers (it can be cheaper than driving your own automobile) – so during rush hours it could be exhausting to discover a cab (despite Bucharest having virtually cabs). While Romanians are generally friendly and polite, this doesn’t always apply to their driving fashion. Speeding is frequent, younger (inexperienced) drivers driving performance autos are frequent in cities, offended drivers are the norm within the capital and the accident charges are amongst the highest in the European Union.

One such countryside honest (though definitely NOT in the countryside) is the Obor honest in Bucharest – in an empty space right in the course of the town, this fair has been happening every day for more than three centuries. Most educated Romanians could possibly make some sense of other spoken Romance languages, corresponding to French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Other Romanians might understand some Spanish and Italian due to popular TV cleaning soap operas from Italy and Latin America. The official language of Romania is Romanian, limba română, which is a Romance language. It was formalized within the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries, with a big input from French.